R&D Tax Relief Scheme

Helping Maximise your business returns

Senior Management Team

Suganthan Vetharajah

Managing  Director R&D Tax Services

Tahir Ahmed

Group CEO & Tax Advisor BC&A Chartered Accountants, R&D Tax services

Christopher Clarke

Group Head of Sales & Marketing, BC&A Chartered Accountants & R&D Tax services 
"The team at R&D Tax Services kept me informed the entire way through the process. Things were straight forward and the speed of the whole claim really stood out. Due to our Year End being so imminent the team explained that we had very little time to collate a claim. However, they worked with us to ensure we could readily process our claim in time and we was really impressed with how smooth the process was even with the very short turn around time. I would not hesitate in recommending the R&D Tax Services Team."

Colin - Telecoms & Software

Andy Kimber

Senior R&D Tax Consultant

Anna Zhao

Chartered Accountant

Kelly Jones

Senior Chartered Accountant

"The entire process was pain free and fluid. From initial telephone call through to submission. Once we had spoken to our consultant and answered their questions our involvement was all but complete. R&D Tax Services handled everything for us, meaning we could focus on running our business, with the knowledge their team was looking after things for us. We would whole heartedly recommend R&D Tax Services, if you haven't already looked at R&D or use someone else I would honestly say speak to them. Their expertise has helped us utilise our claim to reinvest in our business, growing our team which in turn has helped us better service our existing clients."

Lee - Construction