Construction Project

Identified challenges and issues with the build from the outset
Refined and related advancements in knowledge and capability in relation to R&D Tax Relief
Defined uncertainties and outcomes of project in relation to the R&D scheme. 

Construction Project Example

Below is an example of the scope of the R&D identified for one of our clients. 

Construction Case Study

Materials, Processes, Methodologies, Refurbishment of older buildings

Company case study snippets

General building, Commercial, Refurbishments

-         Modifying existing components and fittings

-         Improving methods and techniques

-         Improving technical equipment

-         Developing ‘greener’ products

-         Solving challenges with MMC

R&D Claim Value

Year 1 – £60,000

Year 2 – £50,000

Year 3 – £82,000